Sonic Adventure 3

Artist: AttoSama | Writer: Kajin.

  Even after the events aboard the Ark, Shadow still is unsure

  of his true purpose. Was he created as a weapon, as a bringer of peace, or

  something else? About to give up his search, Shadow has lost all hope of

  ever discovering the truth, when the arrival of a strange machine and a

  mysterious informant offer frightening clues into his true purpose.
  As sonic and co.
grow increasing closer do discovering the truth, the answers

  they uncover may threaten to change their lives forever.





Author: Kajin.

  A humorous comic about the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog, living

  together in one house. Jolly good fun mate. Pip pip and all that.


InSONICnia Advanced

Author: Kajin.

  Originally a voting incentive for InSONICnia; now it has its own section!
  Unrelated to the main comic, this one mostly pokes fun at the sonic universe

  in general with zero continuity.



There's Something About Tails

Author: Project Dark Fox.

  Taking sprite comics to the next dimension (literally!), a disembodied

  MechWarrior is reincarnated into a certain fox boy with two tails. No good

  can come of this.


Steel Hearts

Author: Spindly.

  Some things slip beneath the world's radar, and wait to be discovered.

  Steel Hearts tells the tale of one these stratums.



Discontinued Series:



Author: Damien.

  A story of betrayal upon the very foundation of life. A girl named Violet

  faces the questions of a curse and a adventure that many could not

  comprehend. A dark world and a mystery to be solved.



SA3 [Circa 2003]

Artist: Damien | Writer: Damien/Kajin.

  The Original SA3, Drawn from 2003 to 2005 by AttoSama. Angsty and not

  very well thought out, this was rewritten about a dozen times and re styled

  about five, during its run. Read it if you dare, but be prepared for "OMG,

  EGGMAN HAZ TEH GUN?!" style story telling.


























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