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When Atto/Damien and I were teenagers in 2002, we fell in love with "That's My Sonic" and the entire online sprite culture. We hyper obsessed over sites like FB20XL and on our walks home from school, we would constantly come up with ridiculous ideas for sonic comics, mostly based on adult swim skits. We would crack ourselves up for hours coming up with ideas that had no home. The Internet was a different place then. A single idea didn't take a multi-million dollar platform to take off. It just needed some board teenagers with a lot of fun ideas, and thus MFZ was born.  

We had so many fun years running this site and the more content we created, the more ideas we had. I had been planning to make Insoncnia 300 into a puppet show and Atto and I had already gone out and bought the fabric. But as we got older, graduation split us apart and we soon found ourselves hundreds of miles apart. The creative power of two brothers walking home from school didn't hold the same power when we no longer saw each other every day, and slowly the site petered out. We grew up, started careers, got married, had kids, and moved on, with MFZ being a fun ridiculous childhood memory.

Then about a year ago during the quarentine, a youtuber named Super Swim Team Seven contacted Atto. He was doing a documentary on old sprite comics and wanted to interview us. I was floored that anyone remembered this place, but it was only when I googled "The Mystical Forest Zone" that I realized how many other people did. It never occurred to me how many people felt nostalgic for this place. How many people's childhoods had been spent laughing at our comics, or getting inspired to try and create even better content. I found everything from YouTube reviews, to attempts at recreating our sprite archive, to even a metal album named after this place! It honestly brought a tear to our eye to know we'd reached so many people, and become apart of their lives in the exact same way the people who inspired us did.

I won't tell you that we're going to reignite this place to what it once was, but check back for new content every once in a while. I've got some projects I've been wrking on that I think you'll enjoy. I'm also working on restoring some lost content that didn't get archived, as well as fixing any missing or broken areas of the site

The site will remain here forever to be browsed and its comics read. If you see anything not working; I'm still tweaking dead links, so it'll be back up. I don't have a lot of spare time, but be patient; it'll be up.

In the meantime, take a look at SST7's video below. He did an amazing job!


  Sprite Update and a forum?


Thrid sprite update and may be my last for this year... tomorrow I'll be going to college and don't know how much spare time I'll have on my hands. But, I'm not leaving you entirely hanging.

I am working on getting a friend onto the site that will continue to update the archives in my absence, if all goes well he'll be able to update soon enough! We've got some really nice stuff in this update, check it out ;)


Oh and by the way, the site has a new forum MFS, unlike the old forum this one is a bit more sprite oriented. Hope you join, and see you around on the forums if you do. Special thanks to Lyger, SpinX, Arsenal, and Reaper for hosting our submissions for a while, couldn't have done it without you guys lll)


  Sprite Update


For now, Lyger of MG Comics, author of  Double-U Tea F (an awesome comic that you should all read) has given me permission to move submissions to a topic at the MG Forums in the open mic section.


Happy 4th of July!

  Sprite Update


Second sprite update. It took a bit longer to update than I anticipated, because I'm redesigning the sprite archive. I'm making the over all design more consistent, the change in the PA section is a good example of what to expect.


The title bars are going to be remade so there more legible. Also, Shock Rabbit a.k.a Phoenix, is making the new buttons for each section. The PA of Sonic to the right was made by Phoenix.


There are two buttons in the update that weren't archived, I will have them updated once I redesign the buttons for the BG section.


Forest Defense Initiative ran into a bit of trouble recently, so the submissions aren't going to be there for the moment. I will let you know where the new submissions are being hosted at as soon as I can.


Thanks for the gift art Gardow, it makes a lovely avatar lll)

New Insonicnia

When we last left our heroes, Sonic and company had fallen into the SatAM Universe, while Eggman had gone to the AoStH dimension in hopes of defeating sonic there.
Meanwhile, in the SatAM universe, Dr. Robotnik had set off to find what had appeared to be a roboticized Sonic. We join him there, as the saga continues...

I haven't really figured out a new update schedule as of yet. I'm thinking right now that I'll just update when I can.
*I also have no idea who made the hover craft sprite that I used; I sorta just found it saved on my HD, and had Atto modify it a bit. I honestly can't remember where I originally found it. :/
If you know, let me know so I can give proper credit

So yeah... I guess I was wrong about the sprite section not being updated anymore. Whoops.
Get a real fucking icon Atto!

Sprite Update


First, sprite update of the summer.

Submissions are open and are (formerly) being hosted at Forest Defense Initiative
Also, the discontinued comic series SA3mm is in production again.


Sincerely, AttoSama a.k.a Damien


Update: Sorry for the inconvenience, there was an issue with the transfer last night.

Everything should be updated in the archives now.


Pic of the month: None yet. Hang on a bit.

Not available yet. Check back at a later date.

Feature not yet finished. Wait a while...


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